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I had several coaches before Lee, but all of them were not effective. When I met Lee, she had introduced some systematic professional training programs to me which integrated both aerobic and power combination which changed my body significantly in just two months.  My body fat reduced from 28% to 22% and body weight also reduced from 140lb to 120lb. These changes built up my confidence level and I began to love sports.  Lee is the best coach I have ever seen!

Jane Gong

Lee is the best personal trainer I have ever met. She was the most suitable trainer for me! She not only has the knowledge of training and building long-lasting stamina, but also the responsibility to all members. In every training session, she made me sweat and tried but also feel awesome in the soreness. I felt as if the fat was melting away and my fit body waving to me! I miss you so much after you left for America. After having tried classes with other trainers, I already quit personal training. I didnt tell you that. Now, I can only think back and reminisce about the classes you coached me and now I train by myself. But I am also working out consistedly while I see you are working hard and making progresses in America.Go ! Lee!!!

Jin Liu

There was a time I gained so much weight, then I found Trainer Lee, she is very nice and patient. I was determined to loose belly fat at that time.  After 1 month training, I saw the obvious results. I learned that loosing weight is not only about exercises but also needs to be combined with a clean diet. She gave me eating suggestions and shared info about loosing weight with me. Later on she moved abroad, but she has taught me a lot durning that training time. It also strenghened my will and it’s very helpful. Now, I still go to gym to workout!

Alice Yiu

Lee is a very professional trainer. She adjusts training sessions by considering clients needs and performance. She is patient and vigorous. She cares about details and is very caring. Trust her and she will help you to achieve your goal!


Thinking back when I started to workout, I thought I can figure it out what to do just by talking to people who work out or learn from exercises videos on internet. I found out that I was wrong. Working out in that way made very slow progress and nobody ever corrected me if I did anything wrong. To beginners, having correct form is very important, like the foundation is so important to a building. Lee is my first personal trainer and she is very responsible. She made me understand the whole system of physical exercise. I have achieved a lot after attending her training program. She designed a training program for my whole body and never made me feel bored by weight machines. Slowly, now, I also learned to workout and weight train by myself, and I also got a satisfying body shape. Thank you so much to my Trainer Lee, such a great and responsible personal trainer!!!

Feng Ye Tang

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Landy Li

I am a Nasm Cerified Personal Trainer, bootcamp coach, and pilates coach.  I train my clients in real life and also online!  I have big passion to help people achieve their fitness goals!